A zebra (one of my personal favorites) and a spider inspired by Charlotte's Web.
I'd run away from the giant spider too, Mr. Zebra. Yeesh.
I made two versions of this one... because who doesn't love peguins? Certainly no one I want to associate with.
A big ol' lovable panda.
A liger, obviously.
A stoic English sheepdog and a frantic squirrel.
Rabbit (left) and the ever-seasonal arctic hare (right). 
Everyone wants to be a bald eagle. But we can't all be bald eagles, right? Instead, we have a golden eagle (left) and an osprey (right).
Another eagle wannabe was convinced to become a peregrine falcon (way cooler anyway) and the nurturing types preferred to be symbolized by a mother hen.
Canada goose and a worker bee
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